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Article Health I totally agree! I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in January of 1984... over 26 years ago... and chose to use alternative means of healing rather than 'wider excision, and possibly radiation...using diet, spiritual mind treatments, etc. It was the best choice I could possibly have made, and it's taken me on quite a journey visit : Tips Sport For Health. Being 'uninsurable due to pre-existing condition' can be a benefit if you choose to take responsibility for your own healing. Even though I knew about raw foods and was on a 'transitional diet' of 50-60% raw for several years, I still wasn't eating a predominantly raw alkaline diet... and wound up with something called 'inverse psoriasis'... for which I am deeply grateful because it led me to Dr. Young... and a much deeper understanding of the power of a predominantly alkaline diet... and the realization that raw diets aren't necessarily alkaline or even healthy just because they are raw. It only took a week or two of following a strict alkaline diet for the horrible deep red sometimes bleeding psoriasis rash to totally heal. It's not 'cured' but is typically in a state of total remission... UNLESS I decide to 'eat widely' ... with too many acidic foods Tips Kesehatan. The moment I see the rash begin to appear in the first of many places it formerly appeared on my body, I immediately go back to a highly alkaline diet... lots of green smoothies... zero sugar and refined grain products and combos... and the rash/psoriasis magically disappears within a day or two. How cool it is to have a plainly visible 'indicator' or 'danger signal' ... warning me of the acidity of my body... and even cooler to see how alkalizing ALWAYS makes it disappear. And in the process, I return to a much calmer and clearer state of mind. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world knew what I've come to find out... and what so many like me know as well.Someday... hopefully soon... we will reach a 'critical mass' ... and the whole world will know. ...Thanks Dr. Young and Shelley for continuing to speak out Article Health.

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