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Miracle Living Testimony
Miracle Living Testimony - The following is an unsolicited pH Miracle Living Testimony for Type I diabetes: "I have been a brittle diabetic for over 20 years meaning my blood sugar readings could go from 50 to 700 anytime.I am on an insulin pump and was taking from 40 to 75 units of insulin a day.I have been a vegetarian for over 32 years.Dr.Young inspired me to cut out cheese, bread rice potatoes while eating only alkaline foods and water.My 14 day avg readings was over 200 forever. On the 3rd day on the alkaline diet my avg was down to 165 & 3 weeks into the diet I was down to an incredible 107.My doctors are in shock.My slightly high blood pressure has come down and I have not gone off of this incredible pH Miracle diet once.I am now strictly vegan and eat 2 to 3 avocados per day.I can only thank the Youngs for changing my life & hope to someday visit their retreat.I now use less than 20 units of insulin per day & achieve greater results." Thank you very much Miracle Living Testimony.