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What Is Health For Cosmetics Health ? I am happy to announce the release of the first alkalizing cosmetic / make-up line in the world. Check it out.There is nothing out there like these products. The best news is this make-up line is good for the skin. Do you know what acidic chemicals you may be putting on your skin or hair? Chances are you don't.If you wear make-up, moisturizing creams or use store bought shampoo or conditions there is a high probability that you are putting things on your skin or hair that are not only acidic to your skin and/or hair but may be harmful. The following ingredients are commonly found in many cosmetics, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and toners - even the ones that claim to be natural or mineral based:

This is often advertised as a good thing.It technically is natural, but highly undesirable.Lanolin is a yellow greasy substance derived from the sebaceous glands generally from sheep.Not something you want on my skin.

A common ingredient used as a preservative in cosmetics.

 Whale Wax 
Obtained from what digestive juices, or essentially vomit is often found in fragrances in cosmetics shampoos and conditioners. 

In a recent Canadian study 19 out of 20 breast tumors examined had high amounts of parabens in them. If breast cancer doesn't turn you off parabens, what if you knew that parabens affect your hypothalamus, your ovaries your thyroid and virtually every single organ system in your body.Parabens also influencedevelopment of malignant melanoma and can also affect the male reproductive system when newborns are exposed to butylparaben.Remember those science labs where we were told to dissect animals? Think about the putrid formaldehyde used to preserve their bodies.Parabens are just as irritating as this acidic harmful chemical.Would you want to put something with an equivalence to formaldehyde on your face or hair twice a day 365 days in a year? Skin and hair absorbs everything andeverything your skin and hair absorbs goes directly to your blood stream.

Urea is excreted from aquatic organisms, reptiles, mammals, and now often synthetically made in large chemical reactors.Urea is also used as a common anti-bacterial in cosmetics.

 Mineral Oil and Paraffin 
 Not only are these petroleum by-products they clog the pores of the skin.Last year Americans spent 17 billion dollars on makeup shampoos, conditioners, cleaners, and creams, and other cosmetic products. Unfortunately, parabens come into the picture with the gross majority of these products. Read the label on the back of all your products and take every precaution you can.

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